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100 Letters to President Obama (December 3, 2010 - August 6, 2011) from Robert Yoder   100 Letters to President Obama

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After two years of disappointment, frustration and increasing alarm at the direction the country was headed under the Obama administration, Robert Yoder began writing letters to the president. Over a period of eight months he wrote 100 letters that not only voiced his concerns and observations, but chronicle the history and events of that short time frame. He received thirteen replies from the White House, all computer generated and machine signed. None of this was planned; the letters came from articles in the daily newspaper or weekly magazines and the difficulty was not in having some new outrage to talk about but in choosing and focusing on only one. During those eight months, the original view of a weak, embattled president was replaced by the realization that this was a man who knew all along what he was doing, a wolf in sheep's clothing and a Machiavellian politician who protects the elite and powerful at the expense of what came to be known a few months after the last letter was written, as the 99%. Elected on the promise of Hope and Transformation, Obama has instead continued the disastrous path of his predecessor, subverting human rights, justice, equality, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Under the Obama administration, the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer. He is the best president the right wing Republican ideologues and Tea Partiers could hope for except for one flaw: he's the wrong color. None of this is a good sign for the country or for democracy as we knew it.