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Dear Mr. President: 474 Letters to President Obama (December 3, 2010 - January 22, 2014) from Robert Yoder   474 Letters to President Obama

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After two years of increasing alarm at the direction the country was headed under the Obama administration, Robert Yoder wrote a letter to the president voicing his concerns and observations. The first letter was followed by another the next day and then another and another.... Nothing was planned, each letter prompted by an article in that day's newspaper or magazine. The difficulty was not in finding some new outrage to talk about but in choosing and focusing on only one. Over time, his original view of a weak, embattled president was replaced by the realization that Obama was a wolf in sheep's clothing, a Machiavellian politician elected on the promise of Hope and Transformation who, instead, was following the disastrous path of his predecessor, subverting human rights, justice, equality, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as spawning the most pervasive surveillance state in the history of man, all of this done in an opaque state of secret laws, secret courts and secret processes in direct contravention to the Consitution and to the very concept of democracy. During his 8 year reign, the inequality gap widened, perpetual war was normalized and institutionalized, and a sprawling, militarized network of law enforcement agencies was put in place with the mission not to serve and protect but rather, to subdue and suppress. The average American was forgotten, fear, misinformation, spin and injustice ruled the land and in the 2016 election we were left with, as one commentator put it, "a choice between crude authenticity or polished hypocrisy." After 8 years of Obama's polished hypocrisy, we, as a nation, opted for crude authenticity, hoping for the change Obama had promised and failed to deliver. We have now entered a Twilight Zone of unintended consequences. These letters chronicle some of the day-by-day events that brought us here.