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Chilion's Story by Robert Yoder   Chilion's Story

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A family history of the life and struggles of Chilion Yoder (August 13, 1876 - November 7, 1954) and his family. Old Order Amish, he was left with six children to raise after the death of his wife, Anna Kurtz Yoder, from a combination of TB and the Spanish Flu. This is the story of the family's struggles through hard times as told by his two youngest daughters, the widow of his youngest son and Chilion's grandchildren, supplemented by court records and family documents. It is a chronicle of the culture of the Amish communities of the nineteen-tens through the nineteen-fifties, a story of a classic wicked stepmother, but also of the endurance of the human spirit and the strength of love and the ties that bind family and community which enable us to survive, a story that has not changed much throughout the ages.