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The Dali Code & Other Paris Stories, a collection of short stories by Lynn Jeffress   The Dali Code

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Lynn Jeffress, an Oregon writer who has lived in Paris, was formed by the Dadaism of the counter-culture movement. It was Ken Kesey who declared "Lynn's got the juice,” when she was part of his Caverns writing group. Her collection of short stories in The Dali Code & Other Paris Stories is not the usual view of Pairs. Salvador Dali, alive and mysterious in Paris, controls the weather from his Montmartre museum; a dwarf lover and his American consort star in a Paris elder porn film; an American house husband, trapped in Paris, escapes to a second life in his privately owned virtual L.A. nightclub; Gertrude Stein's Paris apartment at 27 rue de Fleurus becomes the site of a modern day haunting. Postcard Paris is invisible in these stories, but each bizarre and often comic tale mirrors something exquisitely surreal that is absolutely worth knowing. Or not.

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