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Falling on Good Times by Robert Yoder   Falling on Good Times

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A memoir/biography of the life and times of David Yoder and Cora Mast Yoder. Born and raised in an Old Order Amish culture at the beginning of the 20th century, their lives spanned two world wars, the advent of automobiles, airplanes, radio, television and computers. This is the story of a family that left Ohio and the Old Order Amish world and entered the "English" world of western New York. In Cora's case, she gradually assimilated into that alien world but never lost her Amish roots. In David's case, those Amish roots appear to not have been very deep and he soon shucked religion and convention, along with any moral responsibility to the family. After Dave left and moved in with another woman, Cora struggled to raise a small boy without financial, moral or emotional support. Her immutable faith and beliefs saw her through this difficult time until she moved from New York to Southern California and found an environment, a way of life, friends and financial security that she probably never would have found in New York. Hence, Falling on Good Times. But Dave, too, may have fallen on good times in the last period of his life during which he dropped out of sight and left no trace. He lived (and died) in an oceanfront house on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach with a woman who may have been the woman for whom he left his family. Swaying palms, the sound of surf, warm winters...a far cry from the harsh climate and hard life of western New York.