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House of the Unexpected , Selected Poems by Julie Rogers   House of the Unexpected

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108 pages. Paper.

"Julie Rogers' House of the Unexpected is a brilliant gathering from a life of making poems. I've stood in awe at the solitary pursuit of such art, of such a poet. This is just the beginning... She articulates the inarticulate," writes poet and author Sharon Doubiago. House of the Unexpected deeply examines the world and the human experience, revealing, according to poet, translator and activist Jack Hirschman, "political and personal vision, and a truly visionary leap of imagination, the brilliance of which resonates through all the love poems." Personal experience, extended periods of self-reflection in solitude, fine-tuned observation, and a startling willingness to reveal what often remains hidden mark these poems, like a map of the consciousness learning to know itself. Beat poet Michael McClure reflects, "Few poems are written as close to the heart; no extra words just soul meanings as they are bodily enacted... the good and the agonizing memories. House of the Unexpected has politics and clarity. Especially the love poems are brave." Contact with the inner and outer worlds signifies Julie Rogers' poetry. Artist and poet Agneta Falk observes, "She does look you in the eye & heart, never afraid of going deep into the darkest spaces, making light of them. The language is vibrant & spare in its expression of complexity and passion. This is such a profound & delightful collection of poems - you'll want to return again & again. House of the Unexpected lives up to its title. It's a treasure."