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Mother Speaks Her Name, Poems by Frank Adams   Mother Speaks Her Name

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52 pages. Paper.

"Mother Speaks Her Name is classic in theme, operatic in structure, beautiful, fundamental .... the very heart of a man's life and vision - all the gender myths and hells of the eons.

I am Oedipus born of the man and of the woman born of Laius and Jocasta born to fulfill his curse I am a eunuch castrated to serve in the harem

Frank Adams writes from the shadows, from the darkness, a survivor's tale in verse.

I am Osiris

brother and husband of Isis

torn into fourteen pieces

my penis never found

Mother Speaks Her Name is powerful poetry, poetry asking to be heard."
Sharon Doubiago, My Father's Love: Portrait of the Poet as a Young Girl, (Finalist, 2010 Northern California Book Awards)