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My Father's Love, Vol. I: Portrait of the Poet as a Young Girl, a memoir by Sharon Doubiago   My Father's

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448 pages. Paper.

Finalist in 2010 Northern California Book Awards for Creative Non-fiction.

Volume I of Sharon Doubiago's extraordinary memoir, My Father's Love, Volume I: Portrait of the Poet as a Young Girl, looks at the world through the eyes of a child who knows what love is, a girl labeled beautiful, a victim of rape, incest and psychological terrorism. It is a story of survival, the story of the genesis of an American epic poet. It will change your perspective of the world forever Doubiago's book-length poems Hard Country, South America Mi Hija and The Husband Arcane: The Arcane of O along with a dozen other books of poetry, the latest, the critically acclaimed, Love on the Streets, published in 2008 by University of Pittsburgh Press, have already established her as a major American voice in poetry. It has been fifteen years since her highly acclaimed book of short stories, The Book of Seeing With One's Own Eyes was published. This book will re-establish her as a major voice in prose as well as poetry.

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