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Plato's Screw, a Novel
by L. D. Janakos
  Plato's Screw

$14.99, 234 pages. Paper.
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An eccentric physicist and an ambivalent writer hired to follow him to collect impressions of his life find their reality sandwiched between the absurd and the surreal as they search for the pathology of windows, listen to the last sounds before the first utterance, and try out ways to outsmart their inherited inadequacies and social ambiguities. Originally called Brancusi's Back and written over a twelve year period, L.D. Janakos started working on this novel long before the nano-world and Snowden's revelations on surveillance jumped into the culture of sensation. As the absurd within the yet unpublished work seemed to jump off the pages into topical reality, it tilted with precision into that gray zone, unhinged and floating without category or permanence inside the absurd within the absurd and the surreal within the surreal.